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Why is the user password so complex? Is there a guide or explanation?2016-01-28T14:42:42+08:00

Sure check out this LINK from wordpress. It explains the password mechanism and how you could make it simpler to use.

Can I email you the reviews directly?2018-04-11T11:08:07+08:00

Sure just use the contact below & we will get in touch with you.

Contact Us

Contact Us form
Why doesn’t my review or comment show?2016-01-28T14:15:49+08:00

Well it could be any one reasons below,

– Read “What is the Posting Policy” FAQ
– We could be busy going through other reviews
– The submission is incomplete
– Additional details maybe required

What is the posting policy?2018-04-11T11:08:07+08:00

– No vulgarities or obscenities in your post or comment. BE NICE.
– No politics
– No race based posts or comments. We don’t care if a Malay or Chinese or Indian or Lain Lain provided you a poor service experience, as there are rude and misbehaved people in all of humanity! Simply put rudeness and attitude is colour blind! All we want to know is your experience and your rating.
– If you are a merchant/reseller/product owner/distributor DO NOT post as a consumer. Email us your details so that we can highlight the post as a PRODUCT OWNER post.

What if I have a new update on the review I submitted?2016-01-28T14:16:14+08:00

Easy, you could email us or add the update in the comment section

How to comment and rate?2016-01-28T14:16:23+08:00

Commenting and Rating doesn’t require user registration. Key in your email details and provide a comment plus rating.

My review category isn’t displayed in the main page!2016-01-28T14:02:39+08:00

Don’t worry we will create an appropriate category where necessary

How do I use the “Submit your Review” form?2016-01-28T14:40:33+08:00

The form is pretty self-explanatory. Before you can submit a review you have to 1st register as a user –> go to the top right corner and click on the “Log In Button“. For a new user click on “Register”

Once registered, you can click on the form.

(Jan 2016 Update – Only Name & Email address is required to submit reviews. Registration is still highly recommended so that you are recognized as the Author or Original Submitter)

You start with,

a) What is your review about – In a few words the type of Product or Service
b) Product Type / Service Description – Model Number, Restaurant Name etc
c) Post Body – Write your review here; explain as much as you can.
d) Upload Images here – Either drag and drop or click on “Select files”
e) What are your Ratings – Type in a value between 0 to 10 (decimals accepted)
f) Click on Submit – That’s it!

We will review your submission and get back to you if further info is required. Proof of purchase is required for a verified post. Don’t worry – we may still publish the submission but it will not carry the “EDITOR’s NOTE – VERIFIED POST” tag.

Only Review’s that are verified will have the “EDITOR’s NOTE – VERIFIED POST” tag displayed.

How do I submit a review?2016-01-28T14:59:02+08:00

– Currently there are 2 locations that you could click and open up the form – on the top most menu and just below the main menu. Lookout for links that says Submit your Review


– Just Click on this link Submit your Review’s here

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